Customizable Magnetic Screw Tray

Customizable Magnetic Screw Tray

Are you tired of only printing stuff like benchies or other “nice looking” things with your printer?

How about printing something useful?

This customizable thing / SCad allows you to create a screw tray or Box which allows you to place 1-4 magnets under each of it’s compartments. This comes in really handy when taking apart a laptop or smartphone or any other device as it helps in sorting the screws. The screws (if they are magnetic) will be held securely by the magnets, and the rounding of the compartments allows to get them out easily with your fingers. You can create compartments of different sizes by enlarging single compartments.

I created this SCad file in early December and so far, it is my most popular thing on Thingiverse with more than 1.5k likes.

  • It is designed to use any common round/cylindrical neodymium magnet.
  • Compartment size is fully configurable
  • You can have it separated in as many compartments as you like.
  • You can have 1,2 or 4 magnets per compartments
  • Optionally you can have a lid to better secure the contained screws/nuts
  • Can be created stackable
  • Lots of possibilities to influence the design / rounding.

you can download it here:

i would recommend to use it locally on your PC using the OpenSCad customizer.

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